das Fass– The Before Pics

das Fass is a 1994 model. So the interior is obviously dated. Let’s pick him apart. Okay, so that couch and chair… Gotta go. I guess they could’ve been re-covered, but we had this idea to change the layout and put the couch along the roadside wall… and we just weren’t attached to the chair. We also planned to take out the valances and the tray tables/storage compartments.

A great idea would have been to post on a forum and ask if anyone wanted the old Airstream furniture. But we thought of that after disposal. Sorry, restorers.

I don’t love lamp.

What is the deal with the cushion on the cabinet? There is a speaker hidden in there. That catalytic heater has seen better days. And that’s the original fire extinguisher.

By turning the couch along the wall, there won’t be room for at least half of the dinette. So, even though it’s going to cost us two storage drawers, it seems to make sense for these to go. Honestly, I wasn’t impressed with the workmanship here anyway. I know, I know, “ounces make pounds.”

The refrigerator still works! So we can keep that! Hooray for ice cold beer while renovating the trailer! But that mirror has to go. Why would you want to watch yourself eating?

I’m not a tall man. But that toilet is not made for adult humans. Who felt it was a good idea to put carpet up the side of a cabinet that is next to a toilet?

I mean, seriously.

I would prefer the shower to be white, but it’s practically new. Apparently, it was replaced recently. The stickers are still on it! The brass will clash with the future decor. Going to have to figure out a solution for that.

The bedroom has a bed (with storage) and two end tables/cabinets next to it. There’s not much to change here.

And you thought the living room valances were ugly. Having this thing in your bedroom could give you nightmares. Nightmares involving a South Florida beach motel in 1994.

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