das Fass Modernization– Installing Flooring

There are a lot of flooring options out there. Before we started doing some thorough research, we assumed we would use laminate flooring. It’s familiar. I’d helped people put it in their houses. We’d seen it used in other renovations online.

Ultimately, we decided on Shaw Floorté. It’s a Luxury Vinyl Plank. We opted to put down an underlayment. Supposedly it helps dampen some of the sound and we thought it would also help diminish some of the floor imperfections, such as screw heads and plywood seams.

Airstreams have a lot of curves. Cutting the arcs is the most fun part of installing your flooring! /s Since it’s a floating floor, and we elected to put molding on the edges, close enough is good enough.

My brother-in-law and I were able to knock the job out in about eight hours or so.

Overall, we’re very happy with the results. You do have to make sure it clicks together just right. Otherwise, you’ll see a gap between the planks and the next row won’t click together properly.

If you’re on your hands and knees, face to the floor, you may notice a faint line between a plank or two. Many people with click together flooring report this. It’s just its nature. It expands and contracts. It floats over the subfloor. I noticed one the day after we installed it and the next day it was gone.

Surface scratches can occur, but I’ve been able to rub them out with a damp cloth.

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