das Fass Modernization– Let The Polishing Begin!

The day has finally arrived. It’s time to start polishing! First, let’s inspect the trailer. Hooray, it appears that a previous owner has stripped most of the plastic coating from the trailer! So that’s less work, right?

Here is the frustrating thing. Although there is less stripping to do, I have these spots all over the trailer that the previous owner missed. They weren’t very good at getting close to the edges. Here I had to apply Citristrip under the tail lights.

The stripe is mostly original. At one point, it appears that someone touched it up in a few areas with some blue paint. The stripper took that off easily. The adhesive behind the stripe is much more challenging.

I removed the rock guard windows and panels.

I also removed the propane tanks from the tongue to make it easier to work around.

These photos are basically just some “before” shots.

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