das Fass Modernization– Interior Update

The old catalytic heater had seen better days. I’m not sure when it was installed, but it didn’t look safe anymore. Its dated cream color with wood grain also didn’t go with the decor of the trailer any more. So we replaced it with a new Wave6 catalytic heater. It’s practically the same model. It’s just now a modern black (no wood grain accent). The fire extinguisher was dated 1993. The original fire extinguisher. I’m not a fire marshall, but something tells me that should have been replaced long ago.


New stereo installed. It’s a JVC. CD, Bluetooth, USB, Aux In. Definite upgrade over the old cassette deck. I installed the blanks on the TV cabinet base.


This is what polishing looks like after Nuvite F7. You get some nice reflections…


but there are serious swirl marks from the polisher…


In this picture, the top third of the trailer has been polished with the Nuvite IIC. The beer is a Funky Buddha Floridian. Hefeweizens are best when you drink them fresh, so if you can find a good local one, you will love it.


The swirl marks are lighter, but they’re not completely gone.



Cyclo polisher. IIS. Yeah, when you’ve already been working on the exterior for two weeks, and you see this type of reflection start to come out… You think, “yeah this was worth it.”


In this picture the bottom curbside has been polished with IIS using the Cyclo polisher. The front is still F7.


Curbside: IIS, Back: F7.

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