das Fass Modernization– Removing Furniture and Adhesive

Bedroom. Removing cabinetry.

Taking down the hallway headliner.

Glue. Glue. I don’t like you. Much at all.

Tired of looking at glue? Me too! Try spending several weeks of your life just scraping it from aluminum.

I found Citristrip to be the best, readily available chemical to use. The “SAFER Paint & Varnish Stripper Gel.” It smells like oranges so you forget it’s a harsh chemical! Wear gloves!

And yes, I’d highly recommend it for stripping adhesive. I tried other products, but they would dry before breaking down the glue. Citristrip always left me a present of a sticky glob to then scrape off the wall with a plastic putty knife. Why a PLASTIC putty knife? Because the plan is to leave the interior aluminum exposed and paint it white. So we can’t make scratches in it!

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